AutoClose $59.00
AutoClose is a template to make your program close automatically after a given time when abandoned.
Avoid problems with abandoned programs like SQL connections timeout, programs locked when you need to update, etc. The user can set a time for a confirmation message, then another time for automatically close if not attended. Works with NeatMessage.
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DigitChanger $46.00
Change the number of digits in amount masks in your windows, reports and tables with a simple global option.
Apply DigitChanger and in just a minute expand all your entries, strings, columns inside tables and reports pictures to whatever you want. For example, if you set a value of 2, your @n10.2 pictures become @n12.2, your @n-11.3 become @n-13.3 and so forth.
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FileTuner $54.00
Automatically or manually test your TopSpeed or Btrieve files for errors, and fix them if neccesary.
FileTuner is a Topspeed and Btrieve file tester, refresher and fixer. It is a template coupled with an app, which has a Browse procedure that combined with a template will take any DCT you specify, and will allow you to test, scan and fix damaged files.
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FinalStep $106.00
Change all the cosmetics of the program at once, with many handy extras.
This template allows the developer to change all the cosmetics of the program at once, effortlessly (just by choosing from global options). Optionally allow the end user to change the program’s look at will.
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PrintWindow $128.00
Send your window contents to your report previewer
By simply adding a global extension to your program, users can press a hot key on any window and obtain a printout of it using your regular report previewer. You can customize the details of printed controls to mimic the full window.
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Audit Pack $270.00
FullRecord works better with the message box replacement from NeatMessage, recording every message the users sees and their answers if one is required
You can see in the inspector window the message and the response, in chronological order between the file operations. Save US$ 24 with this bundle!
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FullRecord $249.00
Record every change to your data automatically. Audit trail and recover deleted data.
Be safe! Maintain a full record of every change in the system, allowing you to know exactly who, how, when and what happened at any time with every record of all your files.
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WindowID $45.00
Identify your windows.
How many times do you need to work with a window and you don't remember where it is in your multi-dll system? With this template your user can ask the window to identify itself,and find it right away in the complexity of your system (without having to trace the calls from the menu to get there).
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NeatMessage $58.00
Enhance your message boxes.
NeatMessage is a message box replacement with enhanced features (like copy & paste, Auto-close, Don't ask again and more.) You don't need to change anything in your program to benefit from NeatMessage immediately.The template makes use of the message.
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Support Pack $480.00
The complete support solution. Use this pack to aid your customers to give you information about their problems.
Records your user file changes and messages (*). Print your user windows, and obtain precise information about what window your user is using. New!! Now help to fix your user’s files on-site with FileTuner.
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C6.3 up to C11





$ 270


$ 59


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$ 45

(*) Initial purchase price includes 1 year of revisions, upgrades and support.