Automatically or manually test your TopSpeed or Btrieve files for errors, and fix them if neccesary.

FileTuner is a Topspeed and Btrieve file tester, refresher and fixer.
It is a template coupled with an app, which has a Browse procedure that
combined with a template will take any DCT you specify, and will allow you
to test, scan and fix damaged files. The procedures in the app can be
imported into yours, or you can change the DCT of the app (It is sort of
“plug and play”). you don’t need to change anything in your DCT. For
Topspeed files, it uses the Tpsfix and Topscan programs, but it masks them
for the end user. For Btrieve, it will use Butil and internal libraries.
While it is not fully automatic yet, you may simply “select all” and go for
it (A full process would be two steps; first test, then “Fix broken files”,
if any). The interfase is clean as you can see in the attached picture… a
green pin marks a selected file (only selected files are processed). For
each selected file a red cross mean not found, a green flag, file ok, and a
red flag, file broken.

Topspeed tests are completed and working, and we are improving the Btrieve
part. As with all our “template” products, you will find all the source
code included (No black boxes, and it is all Clarion source).


    • FileTuner is a file tester, refresher and fixer utility from Laro Group S.R.L..
    • FileTuner can work as an stand alone utility or embedded into your app, and it can operates on TopSpeed or Btrieve files.


Support Pack (FullRecord + NeatMessage + PrintWindow + WindowID + FileTuner)

The complete support solution. Records your user file changes and messages. Print your user windows, and obtain precise information about what window your user is using. New!! Now help to fix your user’s files on-site with FileTuner.
Save US$ 113 with this bundle!

CURRENT VERSION (Release date)


C5 C55 C6.3 up to C11 ABC LEGACY MULTI-DLL
$ 54


$ 480
(*) Initial purchase price includes 1 year of revisions, upgrades and support.


  • Initial purchase price guarantees 1 year of revisions, upgrades and support.
  • Support is given for the last patch of each Clarion versions.

If you have questions, we will be pleased to answer. Just contact us.

FileTuner downloads

FileTuner v1.01 Setup File (Released 27 Oct 2018)
Serial number required. You will receive it by email after purchasing. (Note, try your last serial code before purchasing a new one!)

FileTuner v1.00 Setup File (Released 3 Mar 2015)
Serial number required. You will receive it by email after purchasing.

FileTuner v0.52 Setup File (Beta) Valid up to Clarion 9.0
Serial number required. You will receive it by email after purchasing.


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